Lost all passwords with updated Brave of November 2023

Apparently an update to Brave took place last night November 14, 2023) and ALL OF MY SAVED PASSWORDS are GONE! Now what do I do?

Hello! Could you provide details of your issue in this thread below: NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue

Thank you!

I am unable to figure out how to post to that link.
Apparently, the latest update to Brave on 11-14-2023 was done late into the night because I woke up to find that Brave had been updated and when I tried to log into my accounts, I discovered all the passwords are gone. I now have to work to update access and try to save them all over again.
What do I need to do to 1. respond to the link as you requested and 2. get my passwords back
Thanks for the help

The latest version is 1.60.114 and this is the update that wiped out all passwords I had saved

You can just reply to that thread answering the Basic data to gather questions (click on it and it will expand into questions that are helpful for us).

Thank you

Thanks. I think I am able to find how to do that now. Any word on what happened to passwords on the latest update of Brave?

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