Lost All My Login details - what a shame

Imagine giving a new browser a try and using it exclusively for 3 whole years only to lose ALL of your login details. I feel robbed honestly and this is why people generally don’t give new things a try.

There are countless ‘explanations’ for how I can resolve this issue but none of them work at all. I do not even know the cause of it so I have no assurance that 2 years later, I will lose everything again. Its simply embarrassing.

The path user>Brave-Browser>User Data>Default is supposed to end up with a file that says ‘login data’ and that doesnt even exist. instead there is a ‘Login data for account’ icon that I can do nothing with.

You’ve done good work but it is things like these that literally undo everything.

How do I get my passwords back and how do I make sure this doesn’t happen again?


@Vux1 please read everything at NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue

This has actually been the big issue all around. As people report, many are failing to provide all the information that Brave is requesting, which is actually in the link I provided you. In addition, there’s been no common issue among those who have reported info. In other words, there’s no clear path to knowing the cause or solution.

Unless you’ve performed backups and/or have another device you can sync to, the harsh reality is that chances of getting anything back is pretty much non-existent.

Devices get damaged, viruses can land, and a huge variety of problems that can occur at any given time. Many of us get complacent because it’s rare and we aren’t worried. But truthfully, this is why things like backups exist. If you had done any backups to an external drive or done an Export Passwords, then you’d still have it. Regardless of your device, browser, or anything else…I’d recommend you consider keeping backups of anything you think is important so that you might still have access if anything is ever lost, stolen, damaged, or anything else.

Anyway, I’ll tag @Mattches and @steeven just so they are aware, but not sure how much can be done.