Lost all my bookmarks


Twice now my windows 10 has restarted my laptop because it found a problem and when it
restarted all my Brave stats and bookmarks were gone. Is there a way to back them up so I
can restore them?


We currently do not have an export utility, but it is certainly a desired feature by users and QA alike.

It’s prioritized for the first release after 1.0 : https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/1002


Hi David,

I hope yes. I face this one before.

First, Close your Brave, and you can follow these step:

cc: @clifton for additional help


Hello, I have a session-store-1 that is just one minute old,and a session-store-tmp-149996800375 is over a month old but 0KB in size. I also have a folder named “Session Store”. Thank you, David

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