Lost all my bookmarks thanks to latest update


Apparently Brave updated and my computer restarted and now 6 months of bookmarks are gone and all my settings are reset. I looked at other forum posts regarding this and I only have the one session-store file so nothing to restore there. Thanks this blows. I guess I’ll go back to using a real browser that values user data even if they don’t protect it. What good is private data if it disappears?


Hi @ktn44,

First off, we’re sorry that you’ve encountered this issue. I personally had it happen as well, and it sucked when it happened to me. It has been an issue that hasn’t been easily reproduced, so I am hoping you may be able to provide some info to help us resolve.

If you could provide the OS you are using, and if this occurred on the restart after the update, or I’d this occurred as the result of a crash, that info would be a huge help for our team to have as we investigate and work on resolving.

Can you also confirm if your ad blocking, tracking protection, HTTPS connection upgrade and time saved counts are back at 0, or were the not impacted?

Can you confirm if you have Brave Payments enabled?

If so, can you confirm if Payments was disabled in Settings / Payments?

If Payments was disabled, can you confirm the sites you have selected for payments remain intact after enabling Payments, or confirm if those sites were removed (similar to your bookmarks).

I’ve raised this issue that you reported to our dev and engineering teams, and we are handling as a priority item. I can’t provide an ETA for the fix at this time, but the info you provide for the request above will help us to reproduce and get this resolved more quickly.

Thanks in advance for reporting this, and for being a Brave user. We want to keep you with us, and are working to correct this to avoid repeats for others as well.

If you have any questions, please let us know.



-Windows 10

  • not sure how/when updated (I usually have browser open 24/7 so I don’t know when update was downloaded, but I think my battery got so low that windows shut down while asleep. I booted the laptop and I opened brave immediately upon log in, everything upgraded already and reset)
  • counts were back to zero
    -payments were enabled before the update (though all the settings were reset to default upon the update/restart
  • sites for payments intact after I enabled them again.


Thanks so much for the info here @ktn44 - the issue you experienced appears identical to what I experienced.

We are tracking the issue from here in Github for reference: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/5512

Thanks again for the info, it’s a huge help with the investigation.


I’m on a MacBookPro running Sierra 10.12.6, Brave version 0.18.14. I’ve had this same issue. It came hand in hand with decreasing functionality involving the creation and management of bookmarks. I tried for days to export my bookmarks, or even just located them, to no avail. It finally got to the point where I had to simply stop creating bookmarks, so something had to give. I created a backup folder and copied the brave folder from my library’s Application Support folder into it. Then trashed the original folder, then trashed the Brave app. I downloaded and reinstalled Brave, and after opening and allowing it to create the new brave folder, I replaced that folder with the copy (renamed ‘brave’ just as it was) and rebooted. Thus far no change. I have none of my hundreds of bookmarks, so I must agree with ktn44 here - I love my Brave browser, but this has really caused me some lost productivity, and is going to cause a lot more over the next few days and weeks without those bookmarks. Any further help would be appreciated.


Do you want to know something hilarious. I just wanted to reply on another topic I created here saying you’re probably right, I’ve only used it close to seven months but still had a considerable amount of data stored and wanted to further reply, despite the fact I’ve got dozens of folders and hundreds of bookmarks, I’m glad I wasn’t the few that reported of missing bookmarks.

Well it it seems I’m now part of that special community because as I was about to give you the figures as to how many bookmarks I’ve got, I’ve just realized all my bookmarks are either gone or are missing. Help.

Brave: 0.18.14
rev: ad92d029e184c4cff01b2e9f4916725ba675e3c8
Muon: 4.3.6
libchromiumcontent: 60.0.3112.78
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 10.0.15063
OS Architecture: x64

In relation to the above statements, I can say that I did fiddle about with Payments in Setting but disabled it again.

All ad blocking, tracking protection, HTTPS connection upgrade and time saved counts are the same.

Another thing is that I’ve been having may browser crashes and freezes but it seems to have reduced since the last update so I increased the number of tabs to 10 tabs per tab set and enabled preview over hover and it functions fine for several hours then the issues occur again.

I have to say that @ktn44 circumstance is almost identical in terms how we use the browser as I do use it for a longitudinal basis and honestly I don’t intentional download the latest update. I saw the update but accidentally selected ‘later’ and then a browser crash occurred an hour or so later and I saw that I had the latest version when reloading the browser.

I don’t know if the battery thing may be an issue as I remove the battery with the charger still plugged in as I don’t see the purpose of reducing the life cycle of the batteries when I’m not using it mobile and coherently, practically using it like a desktop.

@luke.mulks you might as well give it to me bluntly mate; are all my bookmarks irretrievable?

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