Lost all 34 BATS!

Brave stopped working. I finally had to Uninstall, then reinstall. I now have 0 BAT! How do I get my 34.4 BAT back?

Good evening! If you left your 34 BATS in Uphold’s wallet, they are saved as long as you use the same account and if you didn’t leave the BATS in Uphold I think you lost them all.
At the time, when I installed an SSD to my pc, I removed all the money because I knew that if I did not do that or not leave the BATS in Uphold, I would end up losing them.

I tried to verify using Uphold, but it did not work. I tried several times with no luck. I gave up and decided to wait for Gemini on Android. Nothing happening there, either. So, I guess I’m out of luck. I’ve never had a problem with other aps when I’ve had to uninstall, then reinstall. I should probably forget about Brave, except maybe to give a lousy review!

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