Lost a lot of 2fa wallet phrases in November uphold brave etc etc Dimka phalana Garlic wagera , how fast can I get back on track?

So the topic tells it all
actually my G-play terribly slow by todays standards was reset on 29th to set it up again all went fine except for forgetting to back up phrases explicitly !
Oth looks like my account is flagged or something some random post needed approval :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (browser and poor network issue)
It was coming probably why should it not Brave got my heart racing pumping blood like a fire engine
I did not have a heart attack that should be enough😄

Tl,dr the last browser I enjoyed using was/is micro-b on a Nokia n900

Interesting is I got a Moto one action on Nov 29 with ufs 2.1 storage type and my God it is wicked fast feels like butter aka Makkhan and the Damm thing keeps getting better and better

Kinda afraid as Edge is in competition too with a host of similarish browsers
gaining traction each day people who had no idea of privacy or didn’t care now bother which is good
but as this gets more competitive who knows how hard brave has to work now🙃

i am a poor hungry naked guy from a third world or a developing country and this is a international forum happy to contribute in any way i possibly can🙂

The phone i.e Moto one action was brought from BAT converted to INR

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saraswati aka goddess of learning and more i.e on 29th a very festive day !

Thanks Brave​:fire::fire:

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Hi there! Welcome to Community and thanks for posting.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to retrieve lost restore codes – we require that the end user keep them stored somewhere safe.

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