Lost 5 bat of earning of the month, again


I got a “problem” and I am a bit disappointed because I can’t understand how and why this is happening.
I use brave on my Mac (that I use for work) and I was at approximatively 8 bat for the “Estimated earnings so far this month”

I opened my laptop today, still seeing the 8 bat but having an issue with the wifi, I decided to reboot the laptop. And then when I could connect, the number was updated, displaying me 3 bat

I am sorry but what is happening here? And no it didn’t go to uphold since you put the transaction on pending and the number of my wallet didn’t increase.

This is the second time it happened. in both case it was always when I get a lot of ads which means a “lot” of bat.

Yes I tried to close and restart Brave, didn’t change anything.
No I won’t uninstall it and reinstall it because I have seen a lot of people loosing every bat they had by doing this.

Another solution would be gladly accepted.

Thank you.

EDIT: Since I understand that people can try to get bat by lying. I uploaded a picture to prove it. (I reduced the window so I can display everything in one picture without having the pop-up hidding anything) It’s still displaying 8 bat at the pop up (and I don’t know where the 12 bat is coming from).

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