Lost $1USD by backing up and restoring wallet


I clicked “Recover your Wallet” on a different computer from where my funds are.
After entering both keys, it said success. Now my balance on previous computer is $1 less, while still 0 on the new computer.


CC @mrose for a comment.


@drozzy - please send an email to mrose@brave.com with the first key in the recovery fie. also, find the file ledger-state.json and include the value of “address:” (there’s only one line that has that.



What do you mean by “recovery file”? It was just a code…


good! in that case, the first code is what i need (there should have been two codes).


Oh… I think it worked now.
My balance on the laptop is 0 and on my desktop is… 59.75 (25c less - I
assume for transfer fee?)

So it seems to have worked. Right?


i am unable to opine on the matter until i get the value of the “address:” line in your ledger-state.json file – please email that to mrose@brave.com… thanks!


Please close this then. Everything is fine.

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