Lost 11.5 BAT due to Auto Contribute Bug

Auto Contribute deducted my 11.5 BAT even though Auto Contribute was off.

Just happened 2 days ago while browsing brave saw a pop-up thought that I got some BAT, But it was a pop-up for auto contribute which was off by default.

So it deducted my whole wallet which contained 11.5 BAT while I had my auto contribute off before.

After the deduction I found out auto contribute was on which I didn’t turn on previously.

I had recently updated brave about 3 days ago.(android)

Please I request if possible can I get a refund.

The following attachments are down below.

The following Auto Contribute info is available both as a text and on attached file.

Created at: 16/09/2020, 17:24:19

Type: Auto Contribute

Amount: 11.5 BAT

Step: Completed

Retry Count: -1

Processor: Rewards BAT


Total amount: 8.25 BAT

Contributed amount: 8.25 BAT


Total amount: 3.2499999999999996 BAT

Contributed amount: 3.2499999999999996 BAT

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Hi @suxbhtx, I can help. Please DM me your wallet ID. Thanks!

Sometimes i have realised that after setting up your account; it happens that when you leave for the next tasks,if you come back; you will find that your settings went back to the default settings,so my advice is to keep checking from time to time. I wish you all the best! :100:

the autocontribution activated itself, it sent 20 bats to facebook, Can i get them back??

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@br11rb, yes. Please DM me.

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@steeven I wrote to you in private

Here is my wallet id

Wallet info

Key info seed: Valid

Wallet payment ID: 9faf3baf-ec8b-430c-8b27-dd687b318a32

Wallet created:: 12/08/2019, 22:37:09

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Hi, the autocontribution activated itself, it sent 37.25 bats in two transactions to Brave Software, can i get them back??

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