Lost 103.5 BAT on factory reset

My phone had automatic volume key issue so i restarted my phone and my phone got factory reset and upon reinstallation of brave i saw my 103.5 BAT had disappeared. Is there any way to retrieve it?
Current version:latest version
I think I did connect it to uphold but hadn’t KYC’d my uphold account so it was still in my browser.

Ya bro if u connected to uphold u could recover… But I think to connect uphold u need 25bat collected in brave… Sure u can get them back if u have connected to uphold… …
Note. Just login in ur uphold and check for browsers and check whether u have the BAT listed in it. Hope I have solved your doubt

Thanks for the reply bro. So if I go through the KYC verification on uphold the browser balance should start showing in my uphold wallet? I’ll try it tomorrow. And what about the unclaimed rewards for this month which i was supposed to claim today?

The KYC is not matter. If u now have BAT in uphold means it will be restored. If not, lost for ever. No unclaimed are lost. Sorry bro . I have faced this problem many times. Even this month payment has not came and the date is changed to Jan 6

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