Loss of mouse/keyboard Brave Browser in Task Manager


I am fairly new to Brave, maybe about a month or so.
Overall it has been a good experience but today, and it may not be a Brave issue I had an issue where both mouse and keyboard stopped working.

It happened when I launched Brave and then Firefox
Could not restart the PC without hitting the power button
Although I could get CTRL ALT DELETE to work I could not navigate it

I am still strying to work out what the cause is however in Task Manager, under the App name Brave when I have one Brave Browser window open it lists 11 instances. If I have 4 I get 14 or 15 each one eating memory

So now I have 4 open and have the following memory usage

Overall 580Mb fluctuating

In Firefox I have 9 window open and in Task Manager it shows 8

Why is Brave showing so much more for a single Browser Window?

I am using Windows 10 Pro 21H1
I5 8600

I am going to upgrade my RAM but my question remains



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It has been 2 days and no response to this request for support but I have resolved it myself now and will close the ticket. However, the lack of support is worrying and it may be time to stop using Brave

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