Losing patience with Brave


Losing my patience with this browser. It regularly locks tabs where I can’t close them and even opening a new tab that duplicates the locked one won’t allow me to interact with it once I’ve opened it, forcing me to Ctl+Alt+Del to close the browser through Task Manager. Then upon reopening it, none of my tabs auto-login forcing me to whip my phone out to check my two-step code for Protonmail, and manually log into every other site, .etc.

Giving Brave a few more days and then I’ll be forced to crawl back to Chrome, which works flawlessly, and I hate Google.


Copy and paste about:brave in header and click the clipboard and paste the information here for the team.

This was more severe for me previously but it has slowly gotten better and after the next update I think it should permanently stop until a fix is apprehended for spontaneous crashes that happen occasionally.

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