Losing authentification thus have to relogin

Hi everyone!

  1. I was using whatsapp desktop version from chrome browser, and brave browser. One day I could not enter whatsapp automatically. Whatsapp was asking for qr scanning, however on the phone, brave browser was still marked as logged on. Google Chrome had no such problem. So I continued my session from GC. Both happened on the same laptop, so problem was in browser.

  2. Today when I entered another website (vk.com) from the Brave, website asked me to relogin threw SMS-code. I was kinda scared that I lose access to my chats and etc., cause for some amount of time, I have to access to my phone. But then I came up to trying using GC to get access to the site, and tadaaam, it worked perfectly. It remembered me. :wink:

Such troubles do not allow me to fully migrate from GC to Brave. I like how in GH I login into whatsapp and can be more certain that I wont be searching for smartphone, with which, sadly, I have problems right now. So, what happened? Did Brave cleare some cache/data for sake of protection? Can I disable it?

ps: sorry if i used wrong category to post. i am new here :wink:

Was the error on Whatsapp and VK web this way Web Whatsapp doesnot work after the last update.

See the relevant photos in the linked post issue by me.

I just had session over, without that red error.

Did you recently clearing your browsing cookies or forget to put a check on “remember me” on the website you login? 2nd troubleshooting is disable this option.

Is this helped you?

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