Lose claim bottom in brave ads payment

How to get back claim button.


I have same problem too… When I click on the claim button… It just roll till eternity… And when I tried to stop it and click again… The claim disappeared along with all the tokens I’ve earned… This is has being happening for the past 2 months I joined brave…

My question is … Why is all my earnings disappearing to? because I I had already disabled the “auto-contribute”

Is there no way to claim earnings made on androids?


You got any payment or not.

No payments will be given since brave browser has reached it’s fund limits. It will keep making money through ads revenue and traffics. Don’t think you will get paid . It happens only the 1st year after launch of website to gain… trust. After one year they stop paying. With lame issues and excuses. Thank you and Uninstall it to free your frustrations of being cheated

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