Los Anuncios aún no están disponibles en tu región

I have BRAVE for more or less 5 months and I have 2 pc and a cellphone with it. So I had earned some BAT during the use.
I live in Colombia an today I changed one of my pc and installed BRAVE on it but inmediately appeared this message

So, in your other PCs you don’t have that problem but on your newest PC you do?

Try and check your configured OS region, some settings are taken from there.

PD: yo tambien hablo español xd.

hola ambrocioisaias2808 muchas gracias por tu respuesta. Me puedes explicar más en detalle como hago eso?
Te lo agradecería mucho

he meant that you check if your new pc is set to the same region as your old one
for example which region your old had and check if your new one are the same or not

you can know your region by using google asking how to check your region depened on your operating system windows and which version or linux or mac and so on

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Lo que menciona @justsomeone1, checa que tu pc tenga configurada tu región correctamente, si es nueva e/o importada (o viene en otro idioma) probablemente tenga tu región puesta en otro lugar.

Checa esta guia para checar eso (es para window 10) a ver si te funciona:

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