Looking for help on getting started with Brave Rewards in Canada

New to Brave - Just started using it today. Ive started my browser wallet and have gone through the settings. After reviewing a lot of other topics here, it seems like there is some complications in getting rewards.

I see when i tap the icon in the corner of the url that i have “Est. Earnings”.

Ive been doing some research on Uphold, and from what ive read, it doesnt appear that they are supported in Canada?

Ive been reading about possibly using Gemini, but that option doesnt appear in the “Verify Wallet”

Can anyone help with some guidance on how to properly utilize Brave/Brave rewards here in Canada. Im hoping to be able to earn and transfer some of those earnings to an exchange or to my other wallet as well (if thats even possible)

Hey Robert, I’m going to say “a lot” so I’ll break it into different posts/comments instead of leaving a really long one here.

Where do you see that at? Uphold has a list of unsupported regions and Canada isn’t one of them. You can see this list at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026786712-Non-Supported-Geographies-

And I do see posts like this on Reddit.

One thing I will need to look into though is what this website is saying:

While there are no deposit fees, bank deposits and withdrawals are not available for Canadians. You must use a credit or debit card.

So if true, issue would be in connecting a bank account to them. I’ll have to write to verify this later.

Awesome, good to hear. An excellent place to start off here is FAQ I wrote a while back. It helps explain a few things. You can see it at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

It’s not as bad as it can look. At least 50% (honestly, probably closer to 75%) of the posts/comments of people talking about having issues with Rewards are people who don’t give it enough time. Payments start around the 8th of each month and can take 2 weeks to process. We even have 2 places to look to see if things are sent out, such as Ads Payout Status Update

Yet despite us having things showing payments are still processing, we’ll get a BUNCH of people who post saying they haven’t received payment yet. All because they want it on the 8th, rather than waiting for it to send.

Then the other half gets divided from people using VPN or trying to bypass ad restrictions, changing settings, hitting the Wallet Limit by using more than 4 devices/browsers with their account, etc. The amount with actual missing payments or issues is pretty miniscule in the grand scheme of things. And as long as they write in and contact staff, payments always get handled.

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Yeah, Gemini isn’t available on Android yet. It’s being worked on and it will be available for Android in 1.38. You can track the status of it at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/17408

Well, not sure there’s much specific in regards to Canada compared to anywhere else in the world. Main idea on using Brave Rewards is to make sure you enroll in it, you allow ads to be displayed (turning off notifications for Brave will stop earnings), you have your Locale set for your region (so on Android, this is affected by your Language. If you choose English-US it will say you’re in the United States even if you’re in Canada, so make sure language matches where you’re at), etc.

Basically ads pay anywhere between 0.001 and 0.01 BAT each, tending to average around 0.005 BAT lately. You can actually see how many ad campaigns are around you, what they pay, how many times you are able to see each ad, etc at https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ (it also shows payout status there. If you check now, Uphold is still spinning/processing while the others are shown as complete)

I kind of cover the rest in FAQ. You don’t have to click on ads, they just have to show in notifications. Some ads appear in New Tab pages, but again…don’t click them unless you’re interested in them. Clicking on ads doesn’t actually reward you anything else.

BAT stores as vBAT, which is like frequent flyer miles or customer rewards points. Those points are given for watching ads. At the end of the month, unverified users can Claim their rewards which are kept in their browser. Negative to this is if you lose the browser/device, you’ll lose all you have. So it’s encouraged to do Uphold or Gemini, as once it’s there, it’s secure.

If paid out to Uphold/Gemini, your vBAT is sent to them and they convert it to BAT. To reduce confusion for many, everything just calls it BAT, but good to know the difference.

Really appreciate the insight. I found after that list of supported countries and i was misinformed and thought when it said Canada doesnt suppirt bank i never realized that was just a feature rather than eligibility.

Ive been trying to sign up, but cant seem now to get past the residency page lol

lol, why’s that? Oh yeah, one thing to make sure you know is they may require KYC/AML. For most users we have to send picture, copy of a license/passport, etc to verify who we are. They do it to make sure we’re not terrorists and all. Also many countries tax any income from cryptocurrency and all. Some see it as money, others as property, and yet other countries see it as stocks and all. So the tax rate and requirements vary. I don’t know Canadian laws.

I wanted to mention that to you so you don’t get shocked when/if it comes up. And until that’s done, usually won’t be able to receive payments or anything through Uphold.

KYC = Know Your Customer which is where they will ask information to verify you are who you say you are, basically.

AML = Anti Money Laundering = This is primarily for those buying cryptocurrency. So if you go to use your real money to buy crypto, they’ll want to have proof the money belongs to you and where it came from. Again, this is governments that require it to make sure you’re not laundering money for some crime syndicate or that you’re not some terrorist. At least that’s what they claim. But it’s all about taxes, haha.

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