Long YouTube Channel Name Interface

Hi. Just want to let you know how it looks like on Brave if a YouTube channel name is long, like this channel. This is on a normal scale (100%). I hope it’s possible to fix it (without having to zoom out every time just to make it look better/normal), because it’s kind of an eyesore.

Thank you!

YouTube on Brave

YouTube on Edge

Thank you for reaching out.

Hmm very strange behavior. I do not see this on my end — for me it looks as expected:

I also tested in theater mode:

and on a smaller screen:

I’m wondering if you try viewing this video in a Private window if you see the same results?

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Hi!! It’s still the same for me whether it’s on default view or theater mode, even after playing different videos from the same channel. Maybe the problem’s on my end. I’ll bear with it if that’s the case.

I appreciate the response! Thank you so much!