Long transaction data load times for confirmation modal

With the 1.38.109 update, I am now experiencing very long transaction load times ( wallet balances and price data) with the transaction confirmation modal. In the 1.37 version, the population of wallet balance and price was near-instant, with the latest 1.38.109 update it’s taking 30 seconds or more. In some cases the data never loads and you have to reject the transaction and start again.

The issue is you cannot confirm a transaction ( The confirm button remains greyed out) until the wallet balance and price data is loaded in the confirmation model.

I am using the Avalanche network and the issue is both with a Ledger but also seems worse for just the native brave wallet. In fact, with a Ledger the data eventually shows up (after 30+ seconds), with just the native Brave wallet I’ve noticed that more often than not I have to reject the transaction and try several times to get the data to populate.

The image below is an example. I have plenty of avax in my wallet…had to wait about 1 minute for the balance and price data to populate in the modal so I could click " Confirm" and proceed with the transaction. This was not happening in the prior release.

One thing I wonder is how does the data get loaded into the modal? Does the number of wallets/addresses affect this, in other words when the modal goes to get the data for a specific transaction of a specific address, does it update all addresses, balances, and prices of coins in the Brave wallet? I have two native Brave adresses and 6 ledger addresses imported for reference.

It seems like maybe the Avalanche configured Json RPC node was slow. Are you still experiencing this issue with 1.38?
Could you send a screenshot of your network info?
chrome://settings/wallet/networks and edit the Avalanche network

I noticed the issue post 1.38 update…may just be a coincidence on timing. Seems to take anywhere from 10-30+ seconds for the data to load? Maybe someone else can confirm they experience they same thing with AVAX?

Here are my settings for the network:

I can confirm the issue. I do not believe its an Avalanche chain issue as I mostly use Fantom and Polygon because they have lower gas fees. What I did notice is that I’m not able to confirm my transaction when connected to my Ledger X, but I’m able to confirm my transaction when its a native wallet that I imported from Metamask’s seed phrase.

When the issue occurs, I walk away thinking somethings wrong with Brave wallet with my Ledger. Then later when I come back I see a transaction confirmation request on my Ledger. So there’s definitely some type of long delay.

Also, there was a recent update for Ledger’s Ethereum app which is needed to interact with Brave Wallet and Metamask. The changelog is here: https://github.com/LedgerHQ/app-ethereum/blob/1.9.18/CHANGELOG.md

I updated my Ledger around the time the confirm transaction issue occured with Brave Wallet.

I did have a computer that has not updated to 1.38 yet and I can confirm that 1.37.116 does not have this issue. Transactions data loads almost instantaneously.

FYI: @Walle on further observation today, the issue for me is that clicking the Confirm button doesn’t change the window / modal to let me know the click was received by Brave Wallet.

After clicking Confirm and immediately looking at my Ledger I do see a transaction waiting for my confirmation on the hardware wallet.

The previous Brave version showed a change in the window / modal to let me know to check the hardware wallet to complete the transaction.

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Is this working for you in the latest release?