Long startup time and intermitten unresponsiveness-100%CPU usage


Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Down loaded Brave from Brave.com 8/20/17
Loaded/installed Brave 8/21/17
Imported Fire Fox information
Added home page url
Restarted Brave

The browser takes several minutes to start up from desktop icon then freezes and displays “unresponsive” message ever 4-5 seconds.

Windows task manager shows CPU usage spiking to 100% and Brave as the culprit when the unresponsive message is displayed and Brave freezes.

I left the browser running for 20 minutes to see if it was a first time startup thing that needed to stabilize, then restarted Brave several times with the same results.

In summary, I get 2-3 seconds of responsiveness followed by 2-3 seconds of unresponsiveness continually.

I would really like to make Brave work for me.

Thank you for your help.

Brave, The Browser Itself Won't Open

Hi @luvmy40

We have an issue logged for long startup time, it can be tracked here:

Additionally, we have a critical performance tracking issue which can be followed here:


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