Long bookmark lists can't see the whole list?


I am running Windows 10 64 bit and Brave 0.23.31 64bit.

I was able to import my bookmarks from an html file I exported from Vivaldi just fine but some of my folders have some pretty long lists, I put the bookmarks folder on my Bookmarks Tool Bar for easy access but when I try to view some that have very long lists I can’t see them al and there is no scroll down feature.

Is there a ways to see the whole list?

If not I will just break those lists up into smaller groups.



Hi @Socio,

It’s a known issue (re: unable to scroll). The fix should be available on next release if not changed.

As a workaround, you can see your bookmarks via Bookmarks Manager too. Ctrl + Shift + O or Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Bookmakrs…

Thank you,


Thanks, I will use that workaround.


In addition to the non-scrolling issue, the Bookmarks Toolbar section of the Bookmarks Manager isn’t showing any of my folders or what’s inside them. It shows only those bookmarks placed directly on the toolbar.

This means I have no way to access those hidden bookmarks.

This is definitely a JDI ASAP issue.

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