Long bookmark lists can't see the whole list?


I am running Windows 10 64 bit and Brave 0.23.31 64bit.

I was able to import my bookmarks from an html file I exported from Vivaldi just fine but some of my folders have some pretty long lists, I put the bookmarks folder on my Bookmarks Tool Bar for easy access but when I try to view some that have very long lists I can’t see them al and there is no scroll down feature.

Is there a ways to see the whole list?

If not I will just break those lists up into smaller groups.



Hi @Socio,

It’s a known issue (re: unable to scroll). The fix should be available on next release if not changed.

As a workaround, you can see your bookmarks via Bookmarks Manager too. Ctrl + Shift + O or Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Bookmakrs…

Thank you,


Thanks, I will use that workaround.