Logouts happening for no reason


Since the update to version 0.22.810 for Windows, I have been getting frequent logouts from both Facebook and Gmail. The tabs revert to a page that says login. If I refresh that, the page then breaks completely.

What I do now, is close the tab, open a new tab and type in the URL again. That tab opens and shows that I’m still actually logged in.


I see a better bug report, so have added my details to that.
See “Pages randomly refresh drastically wiping cookies”


Have exactly the same problem – Brave worked great until version 0.22.810 but now Google, Yahoo and YouTube logout every few minutes on the tab they are in but are still logged in if you create new tab. Until this is fixed, will be using Brave much less. Help!


Still have the problem with tabs going bad by frequently logging out of Gmail, YouTube etc. and then not working at all, but new tab works fine and is already logged in. Now there is a new problem – Brave crashing from time to time for no apparent reason. Brave was becoming my favorite browser before these problems started. Every time there is a new Brave version I keep hoping the problems are fixed, but so far, not. Brave has gone from my default browser to now hardly ever use it. Hope these problems are fixed so I can go back to it.

By the way, I have brave on both a desktop and a laptop, both Windows 10 – both have the tab logsout and goes bad problem

Any suggestions?


My suggestion: Install Brave Dev version. That fixed the issue for me.


Wow – so the Brave Dev version fixed that problem for you. Where is the download link for the Brave Dev version, and is there anything else I should know about it? I’ve stopped using Brave because of this problem, though before the problem started it was my most used browser. Be great to have Brave work again! Thank you for any help with this.


Hi Jeff,
Here: https://brave.com/download-dev/
The big BLUE button; not the first Brave Download link


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