Logon to Wordpress VIA Google Auth failed

Attempted to logon to Wordpress VIA Google account, but when the authorization window popped up it was fine all the way until I chose the account I was logging in with.

At that point,

  1. The popup window stalled
  2. The main window did nothing
  3. I logged in manually
  4. It logged in.

Thanks for the browser, hope pop up problems get resolved.
Also let me know if the information is sufficient.

I’m on a Window’s 10 Desktop 1080gtx + i7

Note: Initially I had the default security of the browser set but I just checked and it is now set to:

Block Phishing / Malware(Clear all)
https?://wordpress.com: off
      • Edit Note - - -

I also tried to open up the dev tools and run the prompt and instead of stalling it closed the prompt then stalled.

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