Login Trouble and Website Error



I seem to be facing some login troubles on the publisher’s account. I don’t even think I can view the webpage even.


Hi @AnimaterCreator

What’s the URL you’re trying to access? Is it https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/ ?



Yes it was that page. I was able to login, but it took some time. Even after clearing cookies specifically for the site it wouldn’t work properly, but eventually it sorted itself out. Apparently there was some server end issues that night possibly due to it being overload (maybe). However i’m not experiencing the issue at the moment. I just thought that it would be important to take note of in the future and something to be aware of.


Yes, absolutely agree @AnimaterCreator - we definitely appreciate you letting us know.

Going to close this thread for now, but as always, do open up a new one for any other issues/questions.


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