Login to coinbase / view password

Hey all,

this has got to be easy, and yet here I am. Trying to login to coinbase but I cannot view or copy and paste over my password from my old Firefox browser. If I try to view my password it just shows up as dots in the autofill on Firefox. It wont let me copy and paste the dots…how do I fill in my pass to login to coinbase using BRAVE? Basically, or in addition…how do I view my actual coinbase password so I can have it offline, just in case? this must me so easy, Im missing something…

Import your passwords? https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019782291-How-do-I-import-or-export-browsing-data-

Following up. I was not able to import or view my coinbase password. I ended up changing the pass to something that I created so I could re-enter it.

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