Login gemini issue

i lost my pc data but i can still remember my info to log in gemini to link itin brave … i trie today but it says its not supported in my country wtf ? italy btw
im using brave and collecting bat since 2019 i cant deposit or windraw my Sh!t untill i reach 22 bat (i have 18 now ) so i got scammed ? ur telling me i lost 3 years just to click you ads ?

Sorry to hear that. as of now only USA is allowed to connect to Brave rewards using Gemini (New rewards profiles). Old ones can still connect but since you mention that you lost your PC data, it probably deleted your rewards profile and once you installed brave it made a new one, therefore this error. Your BAT is safe in Gemini, you’ll be able to connect to rewards once Brave restores support for Italy.

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You can get more info here.

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