Login eMail Not Arriving

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Sorry for such an outspoken message, understandably, there’s some frustration at this end.

Please can we update the login? Currently I have 2FA set up. When I log in, it instead sends and authorization email, then (if) the email arrives, I can click it, then I need to enter 2FA. This is a problem, as below…

Note, during signup, etc. everything worked.

#1 The email no longer arrives (no matter how many times I request it). So I cannot log in. This makes Brave’s rewards, tipping, etc. not very useful to me. This makes BAT, in this case, also of no use.

#2 Most times, I’m nowhere near email, so have to go back and access an email application (in the beginning it arrived, but now it does not). This can be fixed by logging in with the username, password, and 2FA.

Note: Having to go backwards to email for some link, is a royal pain (putting it mildly).

#3 Bouncing back and forth between email, web browser and authentictor/authy (all three) does not create a good usability experience. One should only need their 2FA app :wink: Not even my bank accounts or crypto accounts do this! (they use a login/password and 2FA).

Email is not unsubscribed, I’m not on a no-send (like those at Sendgrid, etc.)

Question, does the email you send comply with SPF, DKIM, DMARC? If not, I won’t be the only user with this issue (and I’ve seen others have the issue).

Currently I’ve stopped recommending Brave, as well as advising clients away from BAT. Sorry for being so outspoken, that’s the frustration coming through.

Finally, I’m not so sure Brave is ready, why? ==> this has been raised as an issue a few times, yet it seems nothing has been done to fix this? In turn, this leads new users to assume the developers are not engaged, listening, or motivated to improve?

Please give a final answer… Yes or No? - And when will this issue be resolved?

Sorry for the frustration. Thank you, i appreciate you looking into this.

Update… I had someone work with me, and troubleshoot.

Part of the issue (a big, the biggest, part) was a typo in the email address. Please, when this happens, don’t display that an email is on the way, that’s misleading (and eventually leads to frustration) :wink:

Another is when the email comes in, the login URL has been found to be immediately expired. This, it seems, is an issue with having to go back to email, that (email client) is going to open some browser on some device. So I need to forward that email URL to SMS, Telegram, etc., or ask someone to do it if I’m not physically there (email is not the primary communication tool, not tied to email). I remember a few years ago, another provider used email (they ended up changing and switching to username/password and 2FA), but clicking the link simply authorizes and permits the login request (not make the person open a local browser - Which won’t work in this case). I’m not sure that going backwards to email, then back to a browser is the right usability approach, further because we then use 2FA anyway… Which makes the email approach (in our opinion) a bit of a time waster - even more so, sadly, when we have to set somewhere waiting for an email - And if there is a mail problem, we lose access :frowning: So login requires no email issues and no website issues, two primary failure points (instead of only one primary, the website).

Brave should (in our opinion) be a clean, secure, fast, streamline experience when logging into the rewards, not limping back and forth between browser, to email, back to browser, to 2FA, to browser.

Rather to browser, 2FA, browser - Done! :slight_smile:

I’m thankful to the person that helped me. So… Logins are always (for now) going to be a problem, it would be much easier (and more secure) to enforce a login username + password + 2FA (no 2FA = no access, unless a recovery code is used).

I hope this feedback is helpful in some way somewhere to the development team.

Again, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic write up and feedback!
We’re more than aware of these points of contention when it comes to publisher account authentication., We’re actively working a new, more streamlined solution and hope to have this available as soon as possible.

We place high value on the security of your (and all users) accounts – we are taking the time to get it right. The solution we’ve started implementing should be a “best of both worlds” approach with respect to both usability and security.

We appreciate your patience and continued support as we aim to improve ourselves, our product and our services.

Thank you!