Login Authentication failed

Hello support, i want ask
Why if i want to login on my brave account always Authentication failed
I’m trying 10 time but i just got Authentication failed can u help me, pls.

Hi @Korry131 - welcome to community! What Brave version are you running? What message do you receive when you are unable to login? Has this issue been happening for a while, or did it start with a recent update?

Thanks in advance.

Im use this version 1.4.2

im reset my 2fa 3 days ago, after reset and im try to login and im just got Authentication failed

I’m having the same problem. When I attempt to login to a site that requires 2FA, I’m told by the browser that “user denied login” before I get the message on my device for approval.

It’s happening with Google’s 2FA, it doesn’t occur on Duo’s 2FA, which worked flawlessly.