Logging Me Out Too Frequently


Within the last month, Brave has started logging me out of my accounts for “inactivity” often within minutes of me logging in. This includes this page. I am re-logging into my Yahoo email and Facebook as many as 10 times a day often in when I am in the middle of typing something. I don’t mind having to re-log in once a day for security purposes but this is a bit excessive…


Same here. It started two versions ago. When I go to look at another tab, my Twitter tab immediately shows me as logged out. I close it and open a new tab. That gets me back into Twitter without logging in.
The same with most of the websites I use. This is happening hundreds of times per day. Almost enough to send me back to Firefox!


Is there any response? Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how to fix this, except to ditch this browser and go back to FF?


Hi @CindyW

Unfortunately this is a tough issue to pin down, it doesn’t affect everyone and usually it starts working out of nowhere for users. We do have an issue logged and I have added your +1 to it: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/13030



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