Logging in to financial websites (and others ) intolerably slow

I regret that I have given up using Brave and reverted to Chrome. Loading the log in page for various financial websites and one or two others is incredibly slow. The page loads blisteringly fast, but then hangs on password fields until the ‘unresponsive’ pop up is displayed. I have tried allowing all cookies, turning off Shields completely for the affected sites, but no difference. It’s a shame. I like Blaze but the unresponsiveness is getting worse and is intolerable.

Could you try the same in private window ?
If yes, then there’s some issue with the extensions you have, I suppose. Try disabling extensions one by one to see which one causes issues.

Hello @David13050, thank you for bringing this to our attention, here are possible reasons why your browser can be slow, please check this out:


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