Logged out of Gemini, country not supported, now Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged


Been using Brave for a while now, the other day I was logged out of my Gemini account across my windows PC & android… No big deal log back in.
I was greeted with an error message similar to ‘Unable to log in, Country not supported’ (I’m in Australia, not using any VPN or anything funky) I got this error on my work PC (on works network), on my mobile device using 5G and at home on another network.

Few days later I try again, now I’m getting Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged
Using Windows 11, Windows 10 and Google Pixel 7 (Android 13)
Brave v1.44.112


You should raise a ticket. Raise one here.

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That was my first step, didn’t receive a reply so though I’d raise a post here.

They’ve been getting slow on replying to tickets. There have been a lot of issues regarding rewards this time, so a lot of people have been raising tickets so…

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