Logged out of Gemini Account for no reason

Brave just automatically logged out my Gemini account. The reason why I am not sure cause I was very active in this. I know about the supported regions they just changed and I was being active for the same reason that my account won’t log out on its own.

Well, for some reason, got logged out of 3 devices so no BATs for me. BAT rewards were adding such a value to this browser. Sadly, this will affect the audience way too much.

I have also seen brave team claiming that its Gemini and uphold that’s creating this problem. Well, to brave team, better to connect it to your wallet then. There’s no use of Brave Wallet as of now. At least people will use it for these rewards.

Thanks for reading. Need no help.

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Yes, when you’re no longer supported it gets disconnected. I don’t know why you thought they’d just ignore the laws and let you remain signed in and receive BAT when they aren’t legally supposed to…

Man, brave team literally said people who are connected will stay connected. There are many people who are still using brave being in the unsupported regions.

The notice was for the new people who were trying to connect the wallet. Those who were already verified and were using this for long time were not supposed to be affected by this unless they disconnect themselves.

Better to read that notice again.

Where do you see this? The closest that has been said is that Uphold or Gemini will keep accounts open even though they no longer will serve regions. They won’t allow new accounts from those areas and they won’t allow anything to arrive to those accounts, but they’d still exist. They aren’t deleting accounts and making people start over brand new.

Actually, I need to take that back, they did phrase differently.

So yeah, :bowing_man: Sorry on that. But it does automatically log people out on occasion. I’m also not sure how accurate he was on that.

They are obviously not closing the accounts but this is not exactly the closest they have said on this topic. Read the last third paragraph and read again what I have said.

I was verified a long time ago. My wallet was connected till yesterday because I was already using all of these long before when there were no regional issues.

Yeah, that’s the thing. I have been aware of this occasional log outs. Hence the reason why I was so much active on these things. But all of a sudden disconnecting all my devices didn’t add up properly.

If it was 1 device that I didn’t look and got log out. I would have understand but all devices. Just doubting this all now.

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