Logged out from gmail, protonmail and all logged in webs, saved password gone

Description of the issue:
I got logged out from all email service providers, also all my passwords and autofill, settings etc etc didn’t appear on the browser. In the morning everything was normal, I encountered this problem just now (at night).
How can this issue be reproduced?
(I don’t understand what the above sentence means, but:)

  1. I’ve updated and upgraded brave using terminal,
  2. I’ve rebooted my laptop,
  3. But the problem is still there.

Expected result:
I want all my settings, saved passwords & autofill, and all my logged-out accounts logged in again (yes, I haven’t back up all the passwords outside Brave, so I’m kinda frustrated)
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.29.81 Chromium: 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Additional Information:
Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon (Cinnamon version 5.0.5)
The extensions I installed are still there, the bookmarks and histories also do not disappear.

actually all my logged-in sessions is gone; twitter, fb, github, IG, medium, etc etc.

I’m not certain your issue is the same as the one caused by ephemeral localStorage. Are you using Brave’s sync feature?

I would suggest checking if everything works as expected using a fresh (test) user profile. Follow the steps from the thread below, just make sure all windows of your current user profile are closed while performing your tests in the fresh user profile.

I tried using fresh user profile, but the problem doesn’t appear.
And yes, i installed Metamask and Browsec free vpn on my main user. I’ve removed all other extension but it still didn’t solve anything.

Also yes, i use Brave’s sync feature, but it didn’t sync with my android (it’s like my android and my laptop not in the same sync chain, they saved different passwords, history etc based on each device).

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Let’s leave the Android aside, did you get the browsing data that you lost via Brave Sync? I mean, did the lost browsing data come to your Linux machine from another device via Brave Sync?

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When first time I installed Linux Mint (previously using Mac OS) I added the data from an exported file from Brave on my android (because i forgot to back up my data on Mac OS and wiped it completely with other data).

Since then I chose ‘Sync everything’ on the Sync Setting on Linux Mint. But I just opened it now (after read your reply) and realized it turned off (I didn’t turned it off).

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@Mattches @Alexey

Any ideas what might have caused Brave Sync to disable itself?

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I do not know why it would have turned itself off – I’m also not super sure about what happened here in general. I am curious though if you turn Sync back on and sync everything from your Android to your desktop device, are you able to get your data back?

I’ve been thinking if the issue could be similar to the Brave Sync issue where a lot of users temporarily lost their passwords.

I keep seeing threads about lost passwords and I’m unsure where the issue could be hiding as I never store passwords in Brave, and have never used Brave Sync so unsure whether Brave Sync could be causing such issues now and then.

Thank you for pointing this out – I actually thought this issue had already been closed/pushed into the last release but I suppose not since we’re only on cr93 on stable at this time.

There is a good chance this gets fixed when the above issue is resolved but it’s hard to tell given that you (@dhuharamadhani) are not yet on cr94. Let me ping Sync team for more information.

I actually take that back – the issue on Github seems to be specific to macOS and Chromium 94, nether of which you’re using at this time.

I’m actually wondering if you have cleared some data (accidentally) on exit – can you check brave://settings/clearBrowserData and ensure that you do not have any browser data set to be cleared On exit?

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Thinking the issue could be similar to the Github issue above, because I can see a lot of threads about lost passwords. I believe that the spike of such threads began around the time the Github issue above was reported, so I’m still thinking Brave Sync should be given a look in regards to passwords.


I’ve already spoke with Sync team and unless there’s something we’re not seeing or information we don’t have, this does not appear to be Sync related.

I will reach out again to re-confirm either way.


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