Logged Out After Brave Restarts


Hello everyone!

I’m having some problems staying logged in between browser restarts. I can log in without problems, but as soon as I restart the browser I am logged out.

  • I have the latest Brave version
  • I have disabled the deletion of all cookies on Brave shutdown
  • I have disabled the settings and permissions deletion on Brave shutdown
  • I accept scripts and non-3rd-party cookies on the website

The website in question is YouTube. I am on macOS.

Thanks to everyone in advance for the help!

Best regards, McJvck

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Note: I now even tried this (How to solve *almost* every problem after install) method and right after that I didn’t touch any settings. I tried with the default ones. I do not stay connected as soon as I restart Brave.


Hi @mcjvck

We have an issue logged for this which we are investigating: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/13030

I have added your +1 to the issue.



Thank you! So no solution for now, best is to wait for a fix?


Unfortunately no solution as of now since we’re still investigating. You might find that it might suddenly start working and then you won’t have the issue - that’s making tracking this down harder. But all up to date information will be on that logged issue. Feel free to comment or add additional information to that issue itself if you feel it’s pertinent :grinning:


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