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I tried to find an answer to my question. However, I only found suitable questions and no answers that answer “my” question.

Now my question is!
Why can’t I log into my existing Uphold account on my Android mobile phone from the beginning without a specification?

  1. This works with the Brave Browser for Pc! What was not very nice now was that the browser had only been syncing the BAT since October. As a result, I lost several BATs because I often re-installed my laptop.

  2. It makes no sense to me that I have a default of 25 BAT if I have an existing Uphold account. Every time my phone crashes, I do a new one or whatever, I have to collect 25 BAT every time so that I can log in! The cat is biting its tail!

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This is the same for me. I want to log in with my existing Uphold account, but can’t until I collect 25 BAT in my phone’s browser.

25 BAT is set as a default amount for mobile withdrawal and will soon be made default for windows as well. This is done as the amount of brave users are increasing day by day and also to prevent abuse of BAT earning system. Hope this solves your doubts.
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No it is not! The question why I cannot log into an existing account in which there are already more than 25 Bat or an account that is already registered! Again, this question was not answered. The fact is that I definitely need a while for 25 BAT 1. because the remuneration is not very high and 2. because I only get 5 messages per hour. And it can’t be that I have to collect 25 bat every time to be able to register in my Uphold wallet! It is very easy to lose your BAT again … as has happened to me several times. Talk to my cell phone. I already have a verified wallet on my PC! I cannot save my BAT via synchronization, let alone that I can save it in my Uphold wallet because I am not allowed to log in! Sry this is a joke!

I understand your frustration. Brave is trying to improve over time and will surely include rewards sync feature in one of the upcoming updates where you can sync mobile and PC wallets with the same Uphold account. But as of now the mobile version doesn’t allow you to sign in with an Uphold account until you have 25 BAT as default. PC however let the users sign into Uphold account without the 25 BAT criteria as of now …and it will also be removed soon and a standard min of 25 BAT will be set for PC also as mentioned above. In your case i would suggest not to uninstall the app on a regular basis or format your phone, as it’s not a daily thing to do. You have no sync feature as of now irrespective of whether you have an Uphold account with more than 25 BAT or not. If your that impatient i suggest you to find some temporary browser who gives you features like brave does (highly unlikely) or just wait for the sync to arrive cross platform.
Hope this sums up your misconception
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Good! So far, I am now satisfied with the answer.

But in one way you still don’t understand me.

You say that it takes 25 BAT by default to be able to verify yourself at Uphold. And here I think you don’t understand me!
What if I have already collected this 25 bat and have verified myself at Uphold, but stupidly I either lost my phone or bought a new one. Then I have to collect 25 BAT again until I can register with Uphold again. And that’s what I mean! This can not be! I hope you understand me now.


You say that it takes 25 BAT by default to be able to verify yourself at Uphold. And here I think you don’t understand me!

It is not the Uphold limit !! It’s the brave app limit set to be able to link your Uphold to the app wallet.
To withdraw your earnings to Uphold in mobile app, it requires a min of 25 BAT.
That’s why it doesn’t depend on Uphold Balance. Case in PC is different as you can link Uphold account even without min 25BAT limit. As i told it will also be removed soon.

I hope you understood what i said.
So to sum it up, if you buy a new device or format the current one or lose it. You just lost your wallet and earnings as there is no sync feature with the app as of now.It will be rolled out soon !!

I’m not sure which of the two of us is talking to the other.
But honestly, I don’t like anymore today. It’s been a long day. bye

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