Log in info not staying upon restart

Description of the issue:
Majority of cookies do not load, forces re-log ins. For some reason, stuff like themes and the like remain saved. Massive lag spike upon trying to open pages that lasts multiple minutes

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):
It just… happens when logging in and started randomly, I don’t know what to tell you

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
See topic title.

Expected result:
Actually keeping my log-ins

Reproduces how often:
It’s happened every day so far.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): 1.44.108

Additional Information:
Was able to get some advice but was unable to continue. The last suggestion was to try using Nightly or Beta but I wasn’t sure about installing another browser so I was hesitant to go through without more info. Unfortunately, I’ve been having troubles logging in and that helped make sure I couldn’t get on until after the topic closed (why the hell is it a month for a perma-close in the first place? If no one ever says anything (which has happened), it can mean your topic gets closed with no answers unless you bump it). What exactly are those two? And would there be any way to transfer over tabs and cache and cookies and so on if they’re completely different browser versions?**

First, please update Brave to 1.48.158. The one you have is quite old by now. Then:

Do you have any extensions installed/enabled? If so, does it still happen with them all disabled?

Do you use ‘CCleaner’ or any other ‘privacy’ or security software?

Do you have anything checked under ‘On exit’ in brave://settings/clearBrowserData?

This was posted a WHILE ago. Months ago, actually I simply pasted what it said from before, with a summary of the progress made since the original posting (not much).

It’s taking a LONG time to get this issue fixed, I just pasted this from the previous version of the topic (which was already several months long).

And no, I have no other extensions or add ons included. Nor anything set to clear any data or cookies or the like upon closing.

Congrats. What’s the link to the original post so we don’t keep wasting time going over previous territory?

Sorry for the delay, was having difficulty logging in.


Looked thru that other thread a bit. And there’s one question from that one, that was asked here as well, that I think doesn’t quite yet have a ‘final’ answer.

Merging and paraphrasing here, but do you have any ‘security’ or ‘privacy’ software on your computer? For example, ‘CCleaner’ or anything similar?

What security tools do you have on your system, such as Antivirus products?

Also, any chance your local disk is running out of space?

What is your Shields setup like?

In order, I don’t think so, I have Avast (and Webroot, which was forced onto my computer by Best Buy), disk has a little over 300 GB left, and Shields settings is as follows:

Show number of blocked items
Auto-Redirect AMP and Trackign URLs
No on language prefference fingerprinting
Tracker and Adblocking/fingerprinting is set to standard
Cookie blocking is Cross-Site only
Scripts aren’t blocked
Filters haven’t bene touched at all.

And I haven’t really touched shields at all for years, if at all, so I doubt it’s that.

OK. Thanks for the detailed follow up.

I am highly suspicious of Avast and/or Webroot being involved here.

Many of these products come with ‘privacy’ type features that, under the hood, essentially work by blowing away cookies.

For example: https://www.avast.com/cleanup#pc "[Avast] Browser Cleaner ... Removes leftover browsing traces and cookies from 20+ browsers"

I wouldn’t want to ask you to disable security apps for a long period of time; what’s the minimum amount of time you think you could run before you have a sense of whether or not the problem might be going away?

If it’s relatively short, say a day or two, that would be my suggestion. If it’s longer than that then I would say start by taking a deeper dive into Avast and/or Webroot settings, forums, etc. and see if others are experiencing the same behaviors; or looking for some options to disable just those features.

Longer term, just my personal recommendation, would be to get rid of both of those and go with MS Defender – provided that you have an otherwise up-to-date and licensed copy of Windows 10 or 11.

Before I consider that, a couple of things. One, would there be any way to check on these things and see if I can adjust anything in settings that you might know of?

For the second, to reiterate, these were on my computer for a few years, with these problems only happening in the latter half of last year. Plus, if they’re blowing away cookies, they seem to be inconsistent, or at least focused on Log-in stuff. Not to mention the lag spikes that happen when first booting up the browser. Do you really think it could be the antivirus software?

Most likely yes, it would probably be specific to those products, so may have to dig thru them and/or look for instructions, etc.

Keep in mind that security/antivirus apps are also frequently updating.

No idea what’s going on there, but one thing at a time.


Not a guarantee obviously, but a strong suspicion. For starters, it wouldn’t be the first time on this forum that we’ve seen bizarre issues caused directly by Avast.

Weird, since it’s never given me trouble before. Honestly, it’s been a boon. It’s freaking Webroot that’s gotten me issues, like when I tried to play a fangame and it registered a false positive in some of its files.

Oh yeah, I should say, in case I didn’t say before, Avast, during a boot scan, detected some kind of error when it was scanning the cookie section stuff in Brave. I didn’t have time to let it run since I was in a hurry and couldn’t let it wait for any longer, but maybe that could be part of it? after all, the lag spike stuff happens when the previous session is restored so maybe it might be when it’s trying to load cookies and hitting some sort of error? Sorry if this stuff wasn’t mentioned and I forgot to mention it, or simply didn’t make it clear.

No worries, it’s fine. Re: Webroot, not sure to be honest – it hasn’t really come up on my radar much on this forum, but Avast has quite a bit; but it could just as easily be something going on with either of them.

The stuff you’re talking about certainly sounds like it could be related.

The lag burst stuff when reloading the previous session? The detectd error during the aborted boot scan? Or both?

And Webroot’s big issue, with me, is that it’s VERY geared for safety, to a limiting degree. Whitelists aren’t permanent, at least in my experience, you have to re-add stuff constantly.

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Last topic that got locked because of the dumb 1 month lockout rule: Log in info not staying upon restart

I don’t know why I can’t actually get people to not just vanish immediately and ghost me instead of continuing to help on this subject, I’ve gotten nowhere on this and it’s just kept making operating this browser frustrating and tedious, especially when you have a power outage and need to get things set up again please someone help for the love of god I just want this problem fixed already

I just opened it up again for you.

Tag their name when you respond. When you just simply type in a reply, it doesn’t always provide a notification. It all comes down to how the person has their notification settings and if they are following a topic. If they’re people like me or JimB1, we’re both Community Ninja and tend to be out and about helping people. On top of that, we have lives. Community Ninja are regular Users who spend time here helping. We don’t get paid for it and have no obligation to be here or anything.

So yeah, instead of just replying, it helps if you can do things like @Typh so it will usually send a notification their way. It still doesn’t guarantee they won’t get distracted and not get here, but it drastically improves your odds.

Other option is making sure you don’t ghost the topic. If you would have commented again to keep it alive, it would have bounced it back up for us to see on the main page. It increases your chance of Support or someone else seeing it and checking things out.

Ok, all of that said, let me try to check what all was said and your issue. Most likely I won’t have much to add, as @JimB1 is far more knowledgeable than I and was already working with you on this before. But guess we’ll see.

So you never followed up to let us know how this went. Also doesn’t seem like you ever tested with Avast off.

Other thing I’d like you to try, which I don’t think I’ve seen you list. Can you Create a new profile and test on that? Just want to see if the issue will replicate there. Just try not to install any extensions on the new profile while testing.

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Trying to look through the settings for the profile stuff and can’t find where to make a new profile.

Didn’t even realize there WAS a profile thing for this, honestly. I think I just assumed you meant something like new windows or the like before. @Saoiray

EDIT: In addition, if it really is Avast (which I doubt, it’s caused me no problems for any browser I’ve used), what am I supposed to do for Antivirus? Plus, there’s the thing I mentioned with it noticing an error in the cookie section during a boot scan so I’m not sure if Avast is the issue here (though I don’t know what it could be).

Do it from the hamburger menu Untitled - Paint 4_1_2023 23_47_42

Often they will tailor themselves to permit well known browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. While Brave is getting to be well known, it’s still kind of “small fish” in the pond in terms of awareness. So they could block Brave or parts of it because they haven’t tailored everything for it.

Examples of where people have experienced issues because of Avast: (the first one might be similar to your current)

Why does my Brave crash every like 2 weeks and unlogs me from every website? - #6 by WindowOpener

"Security" problems when connecting to https-sites

Privacy error https - #10 by machinist60

Can't access Steam website with Brave - Google chrome works - #3 by Potato12

Can't access safe sites; keep getting blocked - #12 by NonyaBeeswax

There’s been a lot more, but those are ones I could pull up from quick search.

Well, if find out it’s Avast then you’d have to find out what particular settings. Such as if you have it running a cleaning option like one of the other people did, then you’d disable the cleaning and just would use it for virus only. But whatever setting is creating the conflict, you’d have to find and reverse. Or you’d be able to contact Avast and have them work with you to get things resolved. Worst case scenario, maybe consider a better antivirus…though I doubt it would have to come to that.