Log In and Password to reset account on New Computer. Help?

Ok, I had to rebuild a totally new computer and was not able to recover anything
on the old one. Microsoft Feb. Win 10 Update Killed my computer.

I tried to recover my Wallet and my Account and even though I have login and password I found I needed a recovery code which I never bothered setting up.

I should have just been able to log in as myself and gotten everything ?? So Now What. I have about $140.00 in credit sitting there…??

If you have a wallet username/password it was likely for uphold.com (Brave partnered with them for the BAT wallet). If it was your uphold verified wallet you’re referring to, you may want to try logging into uphold and making sure your $140 is still there. At least you’ll know it isn’t gone.
Hopefully a Brave guru will chime in to let you know how to tie it back into the Browser if you planned on using the BAT to tip publishers etc.

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