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I don’t know if my problem is specific to google products, but I’m using Google Mail, Google Drive, and Apps Script. What happens, is that unused tabs become locked out. I can’t open previously unused tabs. So, to duplicate the issue, open GMail in one tab, Google Drive in another tab, and Apps Script in a third tab. Wait for a while, and then see if you can open the unused tabs back up. I can’t. I have to close the browser. I’m using windows 10 if that is information you need to know.


Please post your Brave version and what OS you are using.


Brave: 0.19.147
rev: f1b90a31643cad8f4d76a4f729939d4f303b9a00
Muon: 4.7.6
libchromiumcontent: 64.0.3282.119
V8: 6.4.388.40
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 10.0.16299
OS Architecture: ia32

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