Location Services are wrong

I did a quick search on the Community, and found some reports of the same issue as far back as December 2019, on both MacOS and Windows. Also, as @Dornul pointed out, no updates on the mentioned issue since May, and no actual activity is shown on the issue. P3 is, I guess, a nice-to-have-if-we-find-the-time, so I don’t really high hopes on this one. :frowning:

Update on the positioning issue: now three of the four providers listed at https://www.iplocation.net/ip-lookup agree on my position (incorrectly but still), and my position is shown on Google Maps being the only other one. I’m now at correct city, thanks to some external providers updating their tables, but still roughly 7-10 kilometres away from my actual position. This still doesn’t remove the root problem of positioning in Brave being broken.