Location requirement for Uphold account

Hi everyone,

I went to verify my Uphold account today and have a slight issue. I put in my desired username and password, all good, entered my country, United States, and was then prompted to enter my state, New York. This is where the issue occurs:

Uphold is in the process of obtaining a BitLicense in the state of New York. Until the BitLicense is issued we cannot support cryptocurrency transactions in New York. To learn more visit our FAQ.

I can’t view the FAQ without creating an account and I don’t want to create an account if that’ll lock me out of my BAT until they get a license. What does this mean for me and what will happen if I were to theoretically do it late at night and accidentally move to New Jersey without noticing?

(Also, unrelated, the pre-filled tips thing for a topic needs to be updated. The Common Issues link is dead and there is no more Lion in the upper-right corner.)

Does anyone have any information about this?

Hello @WeirdAlex03,

Like in the message, Uphold currently can not offer their services for NYC residents.

I understand that, I’m wondering what effect setting my location would have on access to my BAT and the importance of the location setting; would setting it to a wrong location where Uphold does operate cause an issue?

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