Location based / Country specific search needs improvement

Description of the issue:
Brave search country specific results are not very targeted. This feature needs to be improved. It’s a feature that can be really useful for shopping (especially for people not in the US). Here’s a test I ran shown in 2 screenshots.

Screenshot 1 - Canada specific search: "agricultural netting"

#1 (location Canada)

#2 (location China)

#3 (location France - Worldwide resource)

#4 (location Canada)

#5 (location US)

Screenshot 2 - US specific search: "agricultural netting"

#1 (location Canada)

#2 (location France - Worldwide resource)

#3 (location US)

#4 (location US)

#5 (location US)

Discussion: The 1st 5 results are analyzed. “Anonymous Local searching” is set to ON and set to a Canadian city. Brave Premium search as seen in screenshots. For the Canadian search, only 2/5 results were from Canada. For the US search only 3/5 results were from the US. For the US search, the 1st hit was a Canadian company (the same 1st hit as the Canadian search). Perhaps setting anonymous local results on, with a Canadian location caused the 2 searches to show the same Canadian 1st hit? The 2 searches had 3/5 common results.

Conclusion: There needs to be improvement in location based and country specific searching.

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