Location bar autocomplete improvement


I searched around and found a few closed tickets/requests relating to location/URL bar autocompletion improvements/fixes. So, I don’t think there’s something ongoing right now. I’m experiencing some frustrating behavior and wonder if we can’t at least make an option to change it, if not change the default.

I’m using Brave 0.18.23 on macOS 10.12.6

NOTE: I mangled the URLs in my examples below because there’s a restriction on number of links in a message. Promise I’m not trying to advertise a website.

When I begin typing in the location bar, Brave attempts to autocomplete with a very complete URI. Meaning, if I type “tw” it will autocomplete to “twitter[dot]com/someusername/status/12345”. It’s very unlikely that I want to visit that specific page. Why not make the autocompletion end at the end of the hostname until I type a slash. Meaning:
I type: tw
Autocomplete: twitter[dot]com
I finish typing: twitter[dot]com/
Autocomplete: twitter[dot]com/someguy/status/12345

So, don’t autocomplete the portion of an address after the slash, until the user types a slash.


This issue was allegedly “resolved” in a previous feature suggestion and ticket, but I have the same problem on the latest versions of Brave for both MacOS and Win7. Looks like they need to fix it again.