Localdomain totally blocked by Brave only

Guys recently setup OPNsense and i have noticed when i set up my static IP leases and entered my localdomain names that Brave refuses to display them.
So i checked with Firefox && Edge they dispaly them.
I have checked Brave and in allow cookies added thr following 1 by 1 and testing but nnothing works! I have cleared my cookies and cache but nothing works.
What more do i need to do to allow Brave to work.
OPNsense Box IP address

Not sure why it works in other Browsers but Brave blocks them!!!

I would expectg if i enter my localdomain address it shows them like other browsers

Version 1.48.132 Chromium: 109.0.5414.87 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Its only blocked in a third-party context. Accessing localhost directly, no issues. Just disable shields on the affect site.


Not on my machine

Try accessing it directly via an IP address.

Totally fine

I suspect a dns issue, secureDNS and/or test in private window mode?

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Yes i have tested that already nothing in Pvt window either in Brave

As you can see not resolved but is in every other browser ???

Share a screenshot of this page please: brave://settings/security



Can you try without SecureDNS (switched completely off) and see if the behavior changes?

So have i to leave secureDNS off permantely

Not really sure. I mean, I can think of a few workarounds (which I will get to in a moment), but I’m not sure what the best ‘actual solution’ is.

As we can see, the issue is that you’re telling the browser (but not other processes) to delegate name resolution to another service, and of course that service won’t be able to resolve names that are on your local network.

If unraid.localdomain is running on the localhost, I’d think you should still be able to use http://localhost/ as that will very likely bypass Secure DNS.

Another idea might be to add the entry to your ‘hosts’ file, which is at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows or /etc/hosts on Linux. Most likely the browser’s Secure DNS code will still defer to hosts file entries.

If it were me, I would probably just use the ‘localhost’ name and be done with it.

This was the solution that worked for me.
Right click on the Network icon (for connecting to your internet ) in the System Tray on the bottom right of your desktop screen . Click on Troubleshoot problems and then All Network Adapters and next and let it run its check. Then select I’m trying to reach a specific website or folder and copy and paste the website you are having problems with into the box and hit enter. And then try the web site after the program is finished running. Restart your browser and try the website again to see if it solved your issue . Good Luck.

I guess you talking about Windows ?
I am on Linux so that option offers nothing for me.
But thank you for your reply

Sorry . Yes I am talking about Windows. Well at least I know Brave has the same issue on more platforms than on Windows.

This is not a Brave issue this is lack of understanding DNS. You are wanting to use a local DNS but telling the browser to use something other then your local DNS so of course it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. If you turn private DNS on in Edge, chrome, Firefox, etc it shouldn’t load the page then either. To fix this you need the change the host file in Linux it’s under /etc/hosts. No guarantees that will work either sense you are still telling the browser to use a different DNS lookup.

Thank you for telling me i have a lack of understanding on DNS

My FF works with DNS protection enabled!
Plus Edge hence my query or am i looking at the wrong setting?

Firefox also has a setting (in about:config) that if the DNS query is not found using the private DNS it can fall back to using the local or computer DNS. This setting is what we used to set in Firefox before the private DNS was added to the settings GUI. I think that’s still the default. I’m not sure if there is a chrome flag setting that does the same thing. With the setting set to roll back in Firefox if the query isn’t found in the private DNS it will next try to query the local OS DNS (this is why it’s working for you). With this setting set to use private DNS only then it queries from the private DNS and if not there gives the page can’t be found error page.

In cases where you’re using your own DNS server (like in corporate environments) it’s best to turn the private DNS off. On Android if you try to use a custom DNS app it will actually not work unless you turn off private DNS and some apps will even prompt you during the setup to turn it off.

I have just recently installed OPNsesne to be my dns and firewall boss