Loading time opening Brave


Having in mind Brave should work at least as good as other browser, this might be relevant: when opening the Brave browser, this takes around 10 seconds to open the window on my laptop, while opening Chrome takes around 5 seconds. Why does Brave need so long to load?


Hi @martijnmaatman,

Thanks for reporting. It may be vary from user to user. I myself felt that Chrome load slower than Brave on my Windows laptop. Many factors can be the reason for slow start up. The team aware of this and always try to speed up the start up time. :wink:

In addition, it may will be better with brave-core, v1.0 coming this year.



That seems abnormally high but it would probably also depend on the hardware. We have a performance item related to lazy loading webviews on startup which will have a big impact on this within the next month.

You could consider not starting Brave with last profile in preferences to speed up startup time. Preferences (CmdOrCtrl+,), General tab. Change the “Brave starts with”, change the select element to “a new tab”.

We’re also working on a bigger change for later this year which will give the same startup speed as Chrome or better

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