Live report! - BRAVE isn't allowing Livepeer Streaming from ETHBerlin

Hello Beautiful people at Brave,

I’m experiencing problems watching the livestream from ETHBerlin using BRAVE
I have a DELL PRECISION M6800 using UBUNTU 18.04.

the URL is

I can see the very same livestreams using Chromium.
Maybe it’s something connected to HLS?

it’s a pity that I have to switch to Chromium, as in the meanwhile I have several DApps open with my Metamask installed on BRAVE and interacting with people there.

Maybe you can help solving this issue for tomorrow?
Best Regards,

Hi @matlemad! Beautiful? You’re too kind :blush:
It seems that the streams require a cookie in order to initiate video playback. I’m able to visit the website and view the streams by opening Shields panel and selecting Allow all cookies under the Cookie Control option.
Enjoy your stream!