Live in the US but blocked from Uphold


I am trying to get established using Brave and the payments and such. I have a couple of websites.

I registered with Uphold but my account was refused… I live in TN.

I could not get any info from Uphold support other than I could not have an account. Does anyone know anything about this?

Support specifically said that no NEW accounts could be established so apparently there has not always been a clash.

Specifically, I wonder if this is something that might be resolved and if not, if there might be a workaround.



Can anyone help? Will there be a workaround to people blocked from Uphold? Thanks.


Hi @ee444,
You may want to reach out to Uphold team. Also cc @Asad in case he can help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there,

Please PM me the email address you use to login to Uphold. I can ask them about why the account was blocked, however please be aware that any decisions of this nature are Uphold’s call, not ours! I will try my best for you tho :slight_smile:


Thanks for offering to assist. I appreciate it! I have found a workaround for now. It appears this block is due to a state law.

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