Live caption for videos

Hello Brave community,

I’m wondering if you guys would be willing to consider implementing a system that generates captions (subtitles) for media playing in Brave? Google Chrome will implement this system according to This feature will be extremely useful for deaf people like me, and anyone else who like to use subtitles. Some of you guys might not realize this, but there are a lot of videos with no subtitles, which prevent me from watching those videos. This often is a frustrating experience for deaf people, and the live caption system will resolve this issue.


Agree, there is also a lot of not native english speakers who loves subtitles.
So looking forward for implementing this feature from google chrome


Yeah! Go vote if you need, please.

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When there are videos in English without subtitles, it is a pity that I have to go to Chrome, which does have this function implemented. Those of us who don’t speak English as a native speaker get a lot of help from the subtitles to understand the videos.

Interlinking the two issues: