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Feature Request
Live Bookmarks with text that is shown in bold if there is new unseen content from a particular source, whether the source be a news feed, blog post, video channel, social media influencer posts, or other source of regularly updated content.

In an age where everything is becoming so centralised and many people use (censorship prone) social media as a main source to track their latest news headlines/blog updates or other content, there is a need to help the decentralisation movement and enable people to get the convenience of quick access to updates in a clean and simple way, without the constant annoying web notifications if you’re following a large array of content providers by providing a clean and simple method of allowing the user to place their live content bookmarks alongside their standard static bookmarks and provide clarity of when each respective source has new content available by showing bold text on the respective live bookmark and when expanded showing the unread content in bold, whilst the content previously viewed/marked as read would be shown in a regular font to avoid confusion if some of the items in the dropdown have previously been viewed.
Also as people try to get away from the horror of the social media websites like Twitter and YouTube for example, it may often be difficult for some as they follow some interesting sources of info, such as tech news updates, but you don’t want the tiring politics that come with being on Twitter or other social media websites, and so with a simple live bookmark for that respective YouTube channel or Twitter account, you wont need the constant loud notification sounds from your phone whilst at work (from accidentally forgetting to switch to silent mode) or other times that you simply want peace and quiet as you can see a simple live bookmark appear in bold notifying you that there is new content available from that respective source.
And simply putting these into folders that can appear in bold or regular font depending on whether any source in that respective group folder has any updates will improve on that experience as you can have folders separating groups such as tweets, new video content, news headlines, blog posts and more.

Opportunities for Brave Software as a business
This could also be used to grow Braves revenue stream by offering a single live bookmark that the user can enable to see Brave ads to earn Brave rewards in a more convenient way and may increase user interaction with Brave ads whilst enabling users to go back to previously seen ads in the dropdown if it wasn’t a convenient time to view the ad when it was first available and as it would be a simple font change to bold when there are updates, it wouldn’t be annoying enough to distract the user until they’re actively looking for new content in their browser bookmarks bar.

Thank you
Thanks for taking the time to read this feature request, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

We all suffer from this But you posted this and When I thought for a while it came to me that I suffer from this too but never posted it.:clap::+1:Hats off to you. And By the way very nice use of language.

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Appreciate the feedback.

I want to find ways that are convenient enough that people don’t use the big tech convenient products and switch to decentralised alternatives that puts the power back in the hands of the community and I think that this is one step towards achieving this goal with minimal loss of convenience.

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