Little snitch blocks youtube?

Hi everyone I have this problem yesterday I installed the little snitch 4.5.2 application and since then I can not see the youtube website well I get blank.

Before this I could see the website well even without logging into my gmail account… now I have to disable the protections of brave to be able to see the site well and to make matters worse I get all the ads.

thanks to all I leave the specifications:

Mac mini late 2012: mojave 10.14.6

Brave: Version 1.57.64 Chromium: 116.0.5845.188 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Extensions: YouTube Subtitles Speaker and Translator

PS: I know I’m out of date but I can’t do any more… thanks

Translated with (free version)

You have a lot more than that installed. We can see it in the screenshots. Perhaps you’re only listing extensions you think are related to YouTube, but any and all extensions you have installed might cause issues. This is especially true if any of them have any adblocking or cosmetic capabilities.

This will make things tricky as some of the updates to features, such as Shields, won’t be available to you. That said, have you made sure to go to brave://components and make sure everything there is updated to the best of your abilities?

Did you try in Private window? If not, please do this. The purpose of testing in private is because it should open with no cookies and it runs with no extensions by default.

Other thing, can you try in a new browser profile? Creating a new profile will open with default settings, no extensions, and no cookies.

Those two steps help to rule out whether it’s an extension, cookie, or setting that might be breaking things for you.

Let’s go by parts as “jack” said
I did the task and I will tell you:
IMG 02: these are the extensions I have installed, they are not many but may be one of the problems…
IMG 05 and 06: went to “brave://components” and updated everything that was there (when I opened it again I see what is in the picture, but all were updated).
IMG 01: I entered with incognito page and it is the same.
IMG 03 and 04: I created another profile and opened youtube in rules page and incognito… all the same.

Translated with (free version)

more photos

IMG 01: corresponde a mi perfil en incógnito

Desisntalé Little snitch y tampoco consigo ver el sitio de you tube

@ric-vjs I see. I’m not sure of the answer to this. The reports from people experiencing this issue seem to all be from people using outdated web browsers and operating systems that are no longer supported.

Let me tag in @Mattches and @fanboynz to see if either has any feedback for you. But it’s weird if you’re saying it doesn’t work in private window, new profile, etc. And did you say you tried with Shields off?

sorry, what do you mean by “shields”?

If anyway from what I was seeing in the community is that several already have this problem… it will not be that “youtube” is involved in this error? conspiracy theory in progress (PS: for me it is globalist youtube :crazy_face:).

It is what you were sharing in the screenshot below. I’m not sure if you are calling this “Little Snitch” or if you mean something else? But it’s Brave’s adblocker. image

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