Lite Mode System

I want to raise two issues here that improve performance and ease of access for users, so here’s:

A function that I find very useful in browsers is the issue of lite mode, it’s a feature usually found on Smartphones, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be on the Desktop, and it would be very necessary, considering that, for me, Brave loses performance on some sites, such as YouTube. Reducing data consumption with a lite mode (or even a simple Search Lite) would be a big help!

Another point that I would like to emphasize is about the Translator.
Many browsers have the option to “translate page” by right-clicking, Brave asks you to use a translation extension, this is kind of annoying because the extension works in a “badly adapted” way, in addition to the extensions that end up conflicting with some sites. An option to translate page would be exceptional, I have to keep going to the extensions tab and disabling the translator because of conflicts with sites all the time :frowning:

Thanks for support! The Brave Browser the best, really.

If you want lite system then i would like to inform you that opera used to have this have to check if they still have this feature.Meanwhile brave is itself lite without ads and trackers…

Opera is one of the worst browsers I’ve ever used. Like I said: I use Brave, so I prefer the function to exist in something I use… it makes more sense.

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