List partial of options available in man-pages

Description of the issue:
The list of options available in Linux man pages is partial by comparison to the one exhibited in Brave’s about: window. The man pages lack a mention of update date; that mention is convenient both for developers and users.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Enter “about:” into Brave’s URL field;
2. Inspect the value at Command Line
3. In terminal, execute man brave-browser

Actual Result
2. Value: /opt/ --enable-dom-distiller --disable-domain-reliability --no-pings --extension-content-verification=enforce_strict --extensions-install-verification=enforce --sync-url=https://no-thanks.invalid --enable-features=PasswordImport,AutoupgradeMixedContent,PassiveMixedContentWarning,WebUIDarkMode,MixedContentSiteSetting,DnsOverHttps --disable-features=AutofillServerCommunication,TextFragmentAnchor,AutofillEnableAccountWalletStorage,AllowPopupsDuringPageUnload,LookalikeUrlNavigationSuggestionsUI,NotificationTriggers,UseButtonTranslateBubbleUI,VideoPlaybackQuality,SmsReceiver,TabHoverCards --flag-switches-begin --flag-switches-end --disable-sync .


--user-data-dir=DIR, --app=URL, --incognito, --new-window, --proxy-server=host:port, --no-proxy-server, --proxy-auto-detect, --proxy-pac-url=URL, --password-store=<basic|gnome|kwallet>, --version

Expected Result:
An exhaustive list of user command options.

Brave Version:
1.11.104 | Chromium: 84.0.4147.105

Additional information:
I’m using Fedora 32 under Gnome.

Is this the list of cmd options you’re looking for?

At Actual Result both 2. and 3. gather command lines, don’t they? The ones present in 2. are not in 3. and the ones present in 3. are not in 2. At last this does suggest that man-pages are not up-to-date which is implicit in this report’s title as well, neither are then the list reported at Command Line in about:-window

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